1977 - In Movement: A Pictorial History of Asian America

Project-directed by Alan Ohashi and written by historian Franklin Odo, IN MOVEMENT: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF ASIAN AMERICA was Visual Communications' first major pursuit into book publication. The book is a visual journey through the extension of the Asian American experience from past to present, watching people work, build, laugh and cry; struggling and settling in the United States. The pictures and stories of Asian Americans bring out what is common to each of our histories and shares the lessons of the past to create a more equitable and compassionate society.

"This is the story of Asian people in the US as chronicled from the nineteenth century to the 1970's. It is a story of people in movement. The photographs reflect imagination and adventure, desperation and courage, minds and bodies moving my leaping and struggling to get new possibilities and potentials. This book was envisioned as a part of that historical and historic process in which our people have been engaged since the years before immigrating. Asians in America have always had to create organizations and movements to protect our communities. We are heirs to that heritage and this collection should help bind us to that legacy of our struggle, of movement, captured here in photograph."

- Franklin S. Odo