1978 - Omai Fa'atasi: Samoa Mo Samoa

Directed by Takashi Fujii, OMAI FA'ATASI: SAMOA MO SAMOA was released by VC in 1978. Centered around the Carson, CA-based youth development center of the same name, OMAI FA'ATASI: SAMOA MO SAMOA weaves interviews with youth organizer Simi Potasi and others to present a portrait of a unique Southern California community whose family and spiritual values are challenged by the pitfalls of contemporary American culture. This excerpt from the 30-minute broadcast video program introduces Potasi as he provides a capsule history of the growth of the Samoan American community in Los Angeles' South Bay region, and reveals the many challenges facing Samoan youths and young adults.

In 1981, Foe Alo, Jr. and Takashi Fujii produced VAITAFE: RUNNING WATER, a fictional follow-up to OMAI F’ATASI: SAMOA MO SAMOA. The film is a video narrative on a Samoan student who comes to Southern California to pursue his goal of higher education, but encounters numerous obstacles standing in the way of academic success. Through Samoan traditions of fa’alavelaves (family concerns), the bonding of family, church, and community in the Fa’a Samoa spirit of mutual support unite to come to Vaitafe’s aid.