Asiroh Cham

Asiroh Cham is a 1.something generation Cham American, born in a refugee camp in Thailand but has spent the majority of her life in California.  She recently completed her Master of Arts in Asian American Studies at UCLA on the politics of recognition, indigeneity, war, migration, and historical memory in the Cham diaspora using oral history and visual documentation. In summer 2010, she traveled to Cambodia to co-direct a documentary on genocide survivors in the midst of the U.N. backed tribunals to charge five significant senior Khmer Rouge leaders with crimes of genocide against the population from 1975-1979. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, traveling, cooking, watching documentaries, and planning out events excessively in advance. 

Maritte Go

Originally hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Maritte Go started out as an actress. Attending Dreyfoos School of the Arts, she majored in Theater. Winning nationwide accolades such as Best Actress, she had the honor of winning 3 years in a row and the chance to perform in front of thousands. She then went on to pursue acting and get her BFA at Florida State University in a highly competitive program. She then moved to NY after being picked up by numerous talent agencies. She performed in many more plays, commercials, and films, but her creative thirst was not sated. Not only did she love the performance end, Maritte wanted to produce, write, and direct which lead to attending USC where she recently graduated with her MFA in film and TV Production. Maritte has produced and directed feature films, commercials, and music videos with brands such as Disney and Scion.

Jon Maxwell

Jon Maxwell is an adopted Korean American music video and commercial director who’s short films have screened at Hawaii International, LA Film Festival, Amburg, as well as LA, San Diego and NY Asian film festivals.  He was a Film Independent directing fellow in 2008.

Zumi Mizokami

Zumi is a multi-practice artist and freedom fighter who is intrigued, disgusted, and inspired by the hot mess of our world.  A queer, gender mixed, film maker, musician, writer, 3rd generation LA kid, 1st generation fulltime biker, attempting to be a more accountable human, and freer animal.  Zumi is currently a student of Music and Theater stage craft, and active in LA based sex education with Cucci. They are also a graduate of Center for Third World Organizing and UC Santa Cruz, having studied political histories, radical theories/practices, and social theater.  Zumi is running ecstatically in the rain for this upcoming film project supported through Armed With a Camera Fellowship.

Angela Park

Angela Park is an independent writer and director with a visual style drawn from her interest in the fine arts. Her film, Casting Shadows, screened at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2012 as well as in season 3 of the Short Notice TV program on Mnet. Park continues to work in many different areas of filmmaking. In conjunction, she has worked with the Asian American non-profit organizations, Visual Communications and the East West Players Theater Company as the Projection Coordinator and Promotion Videographer, respectively

Tiger Souvannakoumane

Tiger Souvannakoumane is a homebred crowd-favorite. He was never really trained in anything but art, because of that, his work stays pure and rooted within the communities he comes from. Because of this connectivity, his work bypasses disciplines and hits home for anyone. For Tiger, it’s not about what he makes; it’s about sharing the awes, wonders, and worries that made us who we are. It’s a gentle reminder of what makes us human.  With a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine and a back-pocket fill with awards, he’s continuously working on the next thing to share with us.

Aya Tanimura

Aya has completed the requisite training for film direction over the course of a decade in Los Angeles, serving coffee, working on “Solaris”, “Funny People”, “Inception” and most recently as Katy Perry's estate manager. In between her busy schedule she also manages to write and direct movies.

Ivan Tsang

Born in Toronto, Canada, Ivan moved from a cold place to an even colder college at The University of Michigan where films he made there were rejected from such prestigious film festivals as Sundance, Cannes, and the Alaska Film Romp (last one is a joke).  Inspired by this failure, Ivan decided to get his MFA from NYU Tisch in Screen and TV writing.   Ivan is best known for his work with Wong Fu Productions -- videos he has co-written for them have been viewed almost 2 million times.   Upcoming project releases include Hibakusha, a Japanese animated film he co-wrote for Channel APA, and “Last Pick” a short film he co-wrote for Jeremy Lin and the Jubilee Project.  Currently, Ivan is a staff writer for ISA TV as well as writer for the 2013 CBS Diversity Comedy Sketch Showcase.  Ivan hopes these opportunities will allow him to sell out as quickly as possible because he believes he’ll be a better writer as soon as he has pool in his backyard. (that is also a joke unless you are offering sell out opportunities).

Mukesh Vidyasagar

Born in Chennai India, Mukesh immigrated to the UK then to the US at a very young age. He graduated from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Math and Physics then joined the U.S. Peace Corps where he taught math in Zimbabwe for 2 years. He returned and worked for a gaming/animation company before returning to school. This time, he attained a double M.A. in Film and International Relations at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. The double M.A. was funded by the Fellowship in Area Studies in the Tamil language. He has worked as an interactive producer at A&E Television, and a Producer for The Biography Channel. He has also worked as a Product Manager for ABC Television, the Wall Street Journal and several other start-ups. Currently, he is in the Universal Pictures Leadership Program, a unique initiative within the Motion Pictures group at Universal that aims to develop and nurture up and coming creative talent. He recently completed Silent Water which is being used to bring clean water to people who need it most in Southern India. The film was accepted into the 2012 New York Indian Film Festival (where it was nominated for Best Short) and Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. He recently sold his first script and completed another short. To learn more about Silent Water and the cause go to

Christopher Makoto Yogi

Christopher Makoto Yogi is a filmmaker born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Chris recently graduated with a MFA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California, where he wrote and directed a number of films that have screened across the country. His thesis film, Layover, on the Shore premiered at the 2009 Hawai‘i International Film Festival and was awarded Best Hawaiian Short at the Big Island Film Festival.

Chris has extensive experience in documentary film with companies such as Interloper Films, CounterPoint Films, Radiant Features, Atlantic Magazine, FedEx and GOOD. He is currently editing the feature documentary Sick Mick and the Boys for DocRiot. In 2009, Chris was a participant in the Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, sponsored by Toei and Shochiku Studios and the Museum of Kyoto. Chris’ most recent film, Obake, has been touring the festival circuit with screenings at the Palm Springs International ShortsFest, Raindance Film Festival, and the Hawai‘i International Film Festival.