Visual Communications’ mission is to develop and support the voices of Asian American and Pacific Islander filmmakers and media artists who empower communities and challenge perspectives. Founded in 1970 with the understanding that media and the arts are powerful forms of storytelling, Visual Communications creates cross cultural connections between peoples and generations.

VC was created with the understanding that media and the arts are important vehicles to organize and empower communities, build connections between peoples and generations through the development of AAPI film, video, and media. The organization has created award-winning productions, nurtured and given voice to our youth and seniors, promoted new artistic talent, presented new cinema, and preserved our visual history.

Our programming includes: the annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and year‐round screenings and exhibitions; the Armed With a Camera Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists; the Digital Histories media production and storytelling project for older adults; and C3: Conference for Creative Content.  We are home to the VC Archives, one of the largest photographic and moving image archives on Asian Pacific experiences in America.

Established in 2002, the Armed with Camera Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists recruits, trains, and supports independent AAPI artists in their efforts to create artistically and culturally significant short films. Through a five-month program, the AWC Fellowship offers training, mentorship, and funding to up-and-coming artists to create new work that premieres at the annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

The Digital Histories video production and digital storytelling program for older adults is designed for older generations to create and preserve visual stories to be passed down to younger generations. Their works consist of personal and place-based documentaries and other compelling narratives that contribute to the artistic expression and healthy lifestyles of older adults. These films will premiere at the annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

VC acts as fiscal sponsor for numerous independent film projects and continues to be a resource for Asian American filmmakers in Los Angeles. Filmmakers may apply to VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS for non-profit sponsorship of their project.

The annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) showcases important new work by established filmmakers, and supports local, emerging Los Angeles talent. The Festival takes place annually during the month of April as part a kickoff to Asian Pacific Heritage Month. The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival has an annual audience of over 25,000 individuals in attendance at its screenings, educational seminars and artist talks, and other special events. The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is also an Academy Award®-qualifying festival for Short Film Awards. Recipient(s) of the Film Festival’s Golden Reel Award for Narrative Short Film will be eligible for consideration in the Animated Short Film/Live-Action Short Film category of the Academy Awards®.

C3: Conference for Creative Content is a two-day media arts conference focused to provide our creative community a space for meaningful discourse on media and entertainment.  With panel and seminar topics covering new media technologies, media platforms, distribution, C3 celebrates creativity and diversity through a forum with established pioneers in entertainment, academia, and professional guilds.  Within this intimate space, it our goal to connect our aspiring and emerging content creators with creative individuals leading the charge.

The VC Archives serves as an integral part of our documentary-based production activities as we have documented various Asian American social movements and communities in California. Additionally, preserved films and videos were used for education and organizing work around setting up ethnic studies programs on local campuses, city redevelopment issues, the redress campaign for Japanese Americans interned during World War II, and the declaration of martial law in the Philippines. VC’s own past in media, narrative films, documentaries and educational projects are intertwined with the Asian Pacific American movements of the 1970s, and in itself represents a rich resource of the APA movements for students, researchers, and filmmakers. To date, VC materials have been used in numerous films, videos, educational materials, publications, and major photographic exhibits across the United States.