Alice Hsieh

Alice Hsieh is an animator and illustrator who graduated from the University of California, San Diego. She was born in Taiwan and raised in the U.S., having lived in both California and Texas. Her passion for art and illustration developed from a very young age, through her love of cartoons and animated films. However, it was her interest in Asian cinema and art films that pushed her to pursue animation and filmmaking as a career. She aims to create animated works that are sophisticated in both style and theme, as well as explore topics of queer identities, social inequality, and colonialism.

Crystal Jow

Crystal Jow is an LA-based experimental animator and illustrator. She received a BFA degree in Experimental Animation from CalArt and is currently attending USC Cinematic Arts for a MFA in Animation & Digital Arts. Her work often investigates themes on identity and memory. Crystal explores and collages different methods of moving image making. He works rangers anywhere from scratch on film, stop-motion puppet animation, to installation pieces. She is fascinated by works that are beautiful yet also uncomfortable. She is constantly playing and discovering alternative ways of storytelling. On her days off she works as an animation instructor for kids. Crystal often volunteers facilitating art workshops in different communities. She is passionate on providing the youth public access to art.

Tuan Quoc Le

Born and raised in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia, Tuan Quoc Le got his film education by working at his local movie theatre, attending film school at Syracuse University and shooting dozens of short films over the years. Although he is known for his work as a picture editor on The CW’s "iZombie,” Tuan was also a co-Director of Photography on your favorite horror-comedy, CRUSH THE SKULL. You can find Tuan in front of an editing bay, behind the camera, cycling up a mountain or eating an obscene amount of food.


Carmen Liang

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Carmen is a 1st generation Chinese American who lived in the quiet San Gabriel Valley suburbs for most of her life. One of her first memories as an infant was holding up a pencil and drawing on what she believed was paper and started scribbling. She’s been drawing ever since, unbeknownst to her she had a talent! In high school, Carmen attended the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) INNERSPARK (CSSSA) Program; there she discovered she wanted to be an animator. In 2014, she received her BFA in Film/Video from CalArts in the Character Animation Department and produced 4 short films, 2 of which were showcased in festivals; “Chow Time” and “Eternal Sunshine”. While honing in her skills as a storyteller, animator, illustrator, and concept artist, Carmen is also actively pursuing a career in storyboarding. She is currently working at Cartoon Network.

Steven Liang

A native of the San Gabriel Valley, Steven Liang is an award-winning director invested in telling the stories of diverse millennials and outsiders. Steven started his entertainment career as an intern for Justin Lin's Universal-based Barnstorm Pictures, Participant Media, and Visual Communications. Steven's short films have screened at LA Film Festival, the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, Palm Springs ShortFest, and NBC ShortFest. Steven holds a B.A. from Pitzer College and an M.F.A. in Directing from UCLA Film School. Steven is a Fulbright Scholar.

Josh Lim

Josh Lim was first introduced to filmmaking at the age of 16 when he shot, produced and edited a 45 minute monster epic titled “Mutant Rat Attack”, which he later exhibited at a drive-in movie theater with his friends while selling limited edition DVD copies out of the trunk of his car. From this early experience, he learned a valuable lesson in the DIY nature of independent filmmaking. Josh went on to study film production and English literature at Duke University where he focused his attention on cinematography and editing. After graduating, Josh moved to Los Angeles and worked for several years on short films, web series and music videos. While working on a documentary about dance music, he taught himself 3D animation and went on to compete in the Excellence in Title Design category at SXSW. Since then he has been honing his animation skills and is currently developing a short film tentatively titled NUWA.

Lya Lim

Lya Lim was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Los Angeles. As a 2017 Armed With a Camera fellow, Lya is producing a digital storytelling project about an environmental crisis. She has helped with the production of "Our Time is Now: AAPI Influence" by Heritage Series. Aspiring to be a political artist, she learned filmmaking from director Grace Lee. Before filmmaking, Lya worked at a software company as a marketing manager. With a passion in politics, she has also worked in political campaigns, state government, and non-profit organizations. She studied Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, where she obtained her degree in 2013.

Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza is an award winning experimental film and video artist based in Los Angeles. Since relocating from Manila as a child, he has been living illegally in the United States for over 20 years. This struggle and exile from his homeland has influenced the content of Miko’s personal films that explore themes of diaspora, colonialism and Americanization. His short super 8 film DROGA! has been traveling to international film festivals, museums and galleries in a retrospective program of historical avant-garde shorts from the Philippines, Kalampag Tracking Agency. He is currently finishing his first feature, a sci-fi/documentary, Does Los Angeles Dream of Manila. Between films, Miko teaches at the Echo Park Film Center, a non-profit community film center which supports analog and celluloid based experimental film and video making.

Shaun Vivaris

Shaun Vivaris is a New York-raised film and music video director who found a home in Los Angeles, even though the pizza is nowhere near as good. He enjoys exploring thought-provoking subjects and adding dark twists to his narratives. His co-directed sci-fi short COOKING WITH VENUS, screened at SciFi London and won the Canal+ Award at the 2014 Tres Court Festival in France, and his dark kids comedy SAFARI TIME was selected as part of Comcast’s Best of PAAFF’15 collection. In 2016, he launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to make THE CUP OF WRATH, which premiered at the 69th Cannes Film Festival SFC. Besides directing music videos, he's writing a feature length drama and is always on the lookout for exciting new projects and good people to work with.