Meet the LAAPFF 2016 Program Associates

Meet Angela and Ivan

If you’ve seen these two they’ve been plastering our posters in the mean streets of Little Tokyo. Let’s get a closer look into the work they’ve been doing for Visual Communications. We’re happy to have them!

ANGELA: Hi world! My name is Angela Yi and I was lucky enough to join Visual Communications this year as a Program Associate to help plan the 2016 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival! One of the duties as an intern for this film festival was to go out into the Little Tokyo community and hand out flyers and posters for the shops. I thought it was a great opportunity to explore every nook and cranny that Little Tokyo had to offer. What impressed me the most; was how there was tradition and modernization that worked hand-in-hand to create a cultured community. I am eager to screen would be Bad Rap and Golden, Golden. Bad Rap, documents several young Asian rappers, who are trying to fight the “nerd in glasses” Asian stereotype by making it big within American media outlets. I would like to view this documentation of young Asian Americans, who are in a way, rebels. Golden, Golden, is a film directed by Erica Cho, who I was lucky enough to meet at my University a couple years ago and was actually shown a clip of Golden, Golden. I am extremely excited to screen the finished product because I am a current fan of Cho’s work.

IVAN:  I wanted to work at Visual Communications with the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival because I am passionate about contributing to the positive and diverse representation of API artists and performers in the media. It started at the age of 7 when I developed the unhealthy habit of binge watching Hong Kong (TVB) dramas in my room late into the night. Fortunately after all these years I was able to ditch this addiction, but my obsession with watching Asian performers on-screen continues to consume me.  I hope to have a career where I can work alongside actors and performers because I am in awe with their storytelling abilities.  I am looking forward to seeing The Unbidden directed by Quentin Lee because I love horror films especially the ones about dark spirits and I am excited to watch all the veteran asian actors in the film!