Uprooted from the Scenes

Visual Communications proudly presents, “Uprooted from the Scenes”, the 10th installment of the Summer Intern Screening Exhibit. Curated by this year’s summer interns, “Uprooted from the Scenes”, showcases a myriad of works by Asian American and Pacific Islander filmmakers that were a part of the 32nd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the directors and a post-reception with food and drinks as well as an opportunity drawing. CLICK HERE for ticket and additional program info.

Dir./Wtr.: David Liu

From China's Shanxi Province to the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles, chef Jeffrey Zhifeng Yang continues one of the world's most fabled culinary traditions — the art of making noodles. NOODLE DELI captures a day in the life of Yang’s restaurant in Temple City, California, home to a group of new immigrants on a united quest for community, identity and the American Dream.
Digital, 14 mins., color, documentary, in Mandarin and Shanxi w/E.S.

Dir./Scr.: Bernard Badion

As a blind date goes wrong, a man (Eugene Cordero) and a woman (Julia Cho) agree to end the night early, but struggle to leave the conversation when they connect on a 'dystopian view of dating' over boba.
Digital, 12 mins., color, narrative

Dir./Wtr.: N.J. Nakamura

If you love eating Japanese foods, why not make it yourself? From start to finish, a cooking class at the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center makes a one-pot meal.
Digital, 4 mins., color, documentary

Dir.: Alex Rubens; Scr.: Emily C. Chang

Essentially abandoned as children by their parents, two estranged sisters are reunited when younger sister, Ellie, crashes older sister Evelyn's dinner party and begins to destroy her suburban illusion of the perfect family.
Digital, 10 mins., color, narrative

Dir./Wtr.: Cathy Uchida

Following World War II, many Japanese American men turned to gardening to support their young growing families. Known for their stylized landscapes of manicured lawns, bonsai-like shaped trees, and shrubs, they left an indelible imprint on landscapes across the nation. This is the story of how one generation’s struggle and sacrifice for the sake of their children’s success influenced geo-political and economic ties between America and Japan.
Digital, 7 mins.. color, documentary

Dir./Wtr.: Seth Ronquillo

The narrative of today's Dreamer movement has highlighted the experiences of students who desire to become part of American society, but what's been missing are the experiences of the siblings, the parents, and the families of immigrants. US charts the director’s family's immigrant narrative as undocumented people in the U.S., and their efforts to make a home in a once-foreign place.
Digital, 11 mins., color, documentary

Dir./Scr.: Quyen Nguyen-Le

A Vietnamese American teen attempts to piece together and understand their mother's experience as a Vietnam War refugee. The journey pulls us into a fantastical series of iconic historical photographs and images, ultimately highlighting the complexity of fully understanding others' experiences — and opens up possibilities for building relationships based on being presence and co-existence.
Digital, 5 mins.. color, experimental

Dir./Scr.: Kayla Tong

Hong Kong-born Alison’s life and identity turn awry when her family visits her in L.A. for the first time. Stress grew in her as they continue to wreak havoc. She is forced to come to terms with their differences.
Digital, 5 mins., color, narrative

Dir./Scr.: Leandro Tadashi

Little Bruno's life is turned upside down when his "Bá" (from Bachan, grandma in Japanese) is brought to live in his house.
Digital, 14 mins., color, narrative, in Portuguese w/E.S.

Dir./Scr.: Faroukh Virani

In this dark comedy from the director of VIMANA (Festival 2014), a newlywed Indian couple’s diverging views on marriage and tradition give way to a surreal turn of events that reveals the groom's true, hidden appetites.
Digital, 5 mins., color, narrative

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