VC Living Room Screening: Kizuna Edition

Visual Communications teams with local youth empowerment organization Kizuna as we screen a program of popular and compelling new works that premiered earlier this year at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival as part of Kizuna’s annual Leadership Training workshops. Stay as we welcome many of the directors of these fine productions — a mixture of audience faves, as well as right-field gems specially curated for the occasion.


PLAZA BLVD. (2017, 10 mins.) Directed by Cassandra Pimentel
For many Filipino Americans in San Diego, CA, “home” is Plaza Blvd., where Filipinos come together to take in the aroma of freshly baked pan de sal and cheerful sounds of Tagalog filling the air. Usually a trip to Plaza Blvd. means a day at the markets, running errands; but for Nolan, Jocelyn, and Grandma, this place means so much more…

LILY (2017, 3 mins.) Directed by Angela Park
Lily forms a bond with a plant after moving out from her home. Her imaginary world takes on a life of its own that Lily’s mom discards. To mend the relationship, Lily’s mom opens herself up to the world where Lily’s imagination lives, up above the clouds.

PROM (2016, 13 mins.) Directed by Imran J. Khan
Hasan Khan, an Indian American teenager, secretly gets ready to leave his strict father’s house with the hopes of taking his high school crush, Bethany Wheeler, to prom. While picking out a corsage from the grocery store, he meets a family friend who gives him a hard time, exposing the delicate balance of being both American and Indian. Upon Hasan’s arrives at Bethany’s house, he is greeted by her mother who, after skirting around the issue, informs Hasan that Bethany wouldn’t be “a good fit” as a prom date.


127 MINUTES (2017, 5 mins.) Directed by Tuan Quoc Le
In this send-up of the traditional “road-trip-coming-of-age” film, a man decides he needs to just “get away” and “find himself” after his girlfriend breaks up with him. He actually will find himself on his journey — literally himself.

SANTA CLAUS (2017, 15 mins.) Directed by Jeff Man
In Los Angeles’ Chinatown, two lonely neighbors come together to share a Christmas dinner.

FLIP THE RECORD (2017, 15 mins.) Directed by Marie Jamora
Set in 1984, FLIP THE RECORD celebrates a little-known but lasting explosion of hip-hop culture that grew out of the Filipino American community of 1980s San Francisco. Vanessa, sick of the constraints and boring piano lessons in her conservative household, starts teaching herself how to “scratch” on her older brother’s turntables. Itching to prove herself to her brother’s aspiring mobile DJ crew, ‘Ness discovers her talents and place in the local music scene of the era.

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WHEN: Wednesday, July 19 at 6:30pm

WHERE: Visual Communications, 120 Judge John Aiso St, Los Angeles CA 90012

This event is open to the public and free to attend. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to